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Mountain Glen Farm is a family owned beef cattle operation that has been farming here in the Shenandoah Valley since 1989. We raise a breed of cattle known as South Polls, on our 390 acres. We strive to make high quality forage-based genetics and grazing management our top priorities at Mountain Glen Farm.   

An intensive rotational grazing plan is implemented on the farm, to promote pasture and animal health , which results in better forage quality, better water filtration, and better animal performance.   

Becky, along with her father Glenn, work together as a partnership to continue building the farming operation. Becky is also a newly appointed South Poll Association Board member. Matthew lends a huge helping hand when he is on home leave from the Army. 



Glenn, owner-operator

1st generation 


(540)  461.0116


Becky, owner-operator

2nd generation 


(540)  461.0969

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Captain Matthew, on farm leave

2nd generation 

Serving in the U.S. Army